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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Anthoxanthum odoratum (Sweet vernal grass)
Ant o 1Beta-expansin25-35 kDaAirway06-02-20032020-05-14
Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass)
Cyn d 1Beta-expansin32 kDaAirway06-02-20032020-05-14
Cyn d 7Polcalcin12 kDaAirway06-02-20032020-05-14
Cyn d 12Profilin14.5 kDaAirway06-02-20032020-05-14
Cyn d 159 kDaAirway03-11-20062019-08-09
Cyn d 22enolaseAirway25-04-20042019-08-09
Cyn d 239 kDaAirway06-03-20032019-08-09
Cyn d 24Pathogenesis-related protein PR-121 kDaAirway03-11-20062020-05-14
Dactylis glomerata (Orchard grass)
Dac g 1Beta-expansin32 kDaAirway06-02-20032019-08-09
Dac g 211 kDaAirway06-02-20032019-08-09
Dac g 314 kDaAirway06-02-20032019-08-09
Dac g 460 kDaAirway06-02-20032019-08-09
Dac g 525/28 kDaAirway11-02-20032019-08-09
Festuca pratensis (Meadow fescue)
Fes p 460 kDaAirway11-02-20032019-08-17
Holcus lanatus (Velvet grass)
Hol l 1Beta-expansin34 kDaAirway11-02-20032019-08-27
Hol l 530 kDaAirway11-02-20032019-08-27
Hordeum vulgare (Barley)
Hor v 1deleted (identical to Hor v 15); designation reserved for beta-expansin pollen allergenFood11-02-20032019-08-27
Hor v 530 kDaAirway12-02-20032019-08-27
Hor v 12Profilin14 kDaFood25-03-20032019-08-27
Hor v 15Alpha-amylase inhibitor BMAI-1 precursor14.5 kDaFood27-10-20032019-08-27
Hor v 16Alpha-amylaseFood27-10-20032010-04-29
Hor v 17Beta-amylaseFood27-10-20032010-04-29
Hor v 20Gamma-hordein 334 kDaFood12-02-20032019-08-27
Lolium perenne (Rye grass)
Lol p 1Beta-expansin27 kDaAirway12-02-20032019-08-29
Lol p 211 kDaAirway12-02-20032019-08-29
Lol p 311 kDaAirway12-02-20032019-08-29
Lol p 457 kDaAirway13-02-20032019-08-29
Lol p 531 kDaAirway13-02-20032019-08-29
Lol p 11Ole e 1-related protein16 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-08-29
Oryza sativa (Rice)
Ory s 1Beta-expansin35 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-09-05
Ory s 12Profilin A14 kDaAirway25-03-20032019-09-05
Paspalum notatum (Bahia grass)
Pas n 1Beta-expansin29 kDaAirway28-01-20082020-05-14
Phalaris aquatica (Canary grass)
Pha a 1Beta-expansin34 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-09-05
Pha a 528.8-33.5 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-09-05
Phleum pratense (Timothy)
Phl p 1Beta-expansin27 kDaAirway13-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 2Grass group II/III10-12 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 3Group 3 grass pollen allergen; comtains a C-terminal expansin domain10.9 kDaAirway2020/06/172022-04-29
Phl p 4Berberine bridge enzyme55 kDaAirway13-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 532 kDaAirway13-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 611 kDaAirway17-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 7Polcalcin6 kDa (8.6 kDa calc mass)Airway18-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 11Ole e 1-related protein20 kDaAirway18-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 12Profilin14 kDaAirway18-02-20032019-09-05
Phl p 13Polygalacturonase55 kDaAirway18-02-20032019-09-05
Poa pratensis (Kentucky blue grass)
Poa p 1Beta-expansin33 kDaAirway18-02-20032019-09-06
Poa p 534 kDaAirway18-02-20032019-09-06
Secale cereale (Rye)
Sec c 1renamed to Sec c 38; designation reserved for beta-expansin pollen allergenAirway2019-09-24
Sec c 5Group 5 grass pollen allergen30 kDaAirway25-05-20112019-09-24
Sec c 20Gamma-secalin70 kDaFood18-02-20032019-09-24
Sec c 38Dimeric alpha-amylase/trypsin inhibitor13.5Airway18-02-20032019-09-24
Sorghum halepense (Johnson grass)
Sor h 1Beta-expansin30-35 kDaAirway06-03-20032019-09-26
Sor h 2Expansin-like protein; grass pollen group 2 allergen12 kDaAirway10-11-20152019-09-26
Sor h 13Exopolygalacturonase (Glycosyl hydrolase 28)54-55 kDa (glycosylated protein)Airway24-04-20142019-09-26
Triticum aestivum (Wheat)
Tri a 12Profilin14 kDaFood25-03-20032019-09-27
Tri a 14Non-specific lipid transfer protein 19 kDaAirway18-02-20072022-10-28
Tri a 15Monomeric alpha-amylase inhibitor 0.28Airway07-04-20112019-09-27
Tri a 17beta-amylase56 kDaFood10-09-20182019-09-27
Tri a 18Agglutinin isolectin 1Food06-03-20032010-04-29
Tri a 19Omega-5 gliadin, seed storage protein65 kDaFood06-03-20032019-09-27
Tri a 20Gamma gliadin35 to 38 kDaFood02-07-20142019-09-27
Tri a 21Alpha-beta-gliadinAirway07-04-20112021-12-12
Tri a 25ThioredoxinFood13-10-20062019-09-27
Tri a 26High molecular weight glutenin88 kDaFood13-10-20062019-09-27
Tri a 27Thiol reductase homologue27 kDaAirway15-10-20092021-12-12
Tri a 28Dimeric alpha-amylase inhibitor 0.1913 kDaAirway15-10-20092021-12-12
Tri a 29Tetrameric alpha-amylase inhibitor CM1/CM213 kDaAirway15-10-20092020-05-12
Tri a 30Tetrameric alpha-amylase inhibitor CM316 kDaAirway15-10-20092020-05-12
Tri a 31Triosephosphate-isomeraseAirway07-04-20112020-05-12
Tri a 321-cys-peroxiredoxinAirway07-04-20112020-05-12
Tri a 33SerpinAirway07-04-20112020-05-12
Tri a 34Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate-dehydrogenaseAirway07-04-20112020-05-12
Tri a 35DehydrinAirway07-04-20112020-05-12
Tri a 36Low molecular weight glutenin GluB3-2340 kDaFood23-05-20112019-09-27
Tri a 37Alpha purothionin12 kDaFood08-11-20112019-09-27
Tri a 39Serine protease inhibitor-like proteinAirway09-01-20132019-09-27
Tri a 40Chloroform/methanol-soluble (CM) 17 protein [alpha-amylase inhibitor]15.96 kDaAirway07-08-20152020-03-23
Tri a 41Mitochondrial ubiquitin ligase activator of NFKB 1Food23-09-20152019-09-27
Tri a 42Hypothetical protein from cDNAFood23-09-20152019-09-27
Tri a 43Hypothetical protein from cDNAFood23-09-20152019-09-27
Tri a 44Endosperm transfer cell specific PR60 precursor Food23-09-20152019-09-27
Tri a 45Elongation factor 1 (EIF1)Food23-09-20152019-09-27
Triticum turgidum ssp durum (Durum wheat)
Tri tu 14nsLipid transfer protein 19.2 kDaFood28-12-20182019-09-27
Urochloa mutica (Para grass)
Uro m 1Beta expansin30 kDaAirway08-07-20182020-05-11
Zea mays (Maize)
Zea m 1Beta-expansin25-35Airway06-03-20032019-09-06
Zea m 8Class IV chitinase28.6 kDaFood15-12-20162019-09-06
Zea m 12Profilin14 kDaAirway25-03-20032019-09-06
Zea m 14Nonspecific lipid-transfer protein 19 kDaFood13-03-20032020-03-27
Zea m 25thioredoxin13.8 kDaAirway13-10-20062019-09-06
Zoysia matrella (Manila grass)
Zoy m 1Pollen expansin30 kDaAirway2020/8/72020-08-07