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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Bos domesticus (Bos taurus) (Domestic cattle)
Bos d 2Lipocalin20 kDaFood05-02-20032020-05-13
Bos d 3S100 calcium-binding protein A711 kDaFood05-02-20032019-07-19
Bos d 4Alpha-lactalbumin14.2 kDaFood05-02-20032020-05-13
Bos d 5Beta-lactoglobulin18.3 kDaFood05-02-20032020-05-13
Bos d 6Serum albumin67 kDaFood05-02-20032019-07-19
Bos d 7Immunoglobulin160 kDaFood05-02-20032020-05-13
Bos d 8Caseins (for individual components see Bos d 9-Bos d 12)20-30 kDaFood05-02-20032019-07-19
Bos d 9alphaS1-casein23.6 kDaFood30-08-20122019-07-19
Bos d 10alphaS2-casein25.2 kDaFood30-08-20122019-07-19
Bos d 11beta-casein24 kDaFood30-08-20122019-07-19
Bos d 12kappa-casein19 kDaFood30-08-20122019-07-19
Bos d 13Myosin light chain21 kDaFood2020/3/252020-03-25
Catharanthus roseus (Rosy periwinkle)
Cat r 1Cyclophilin18 kDaAirway03-11-20062019-07-30
Ctenocephalides felis (Cat flea)
Cte f 118 kDaInjection17-06-20032019-08-09
Cte f 227 kDaInjection17-06-20032019-08-09
Cte f 325 kDaInjection01-07-20032019-08-09
Felis domesticus (F. catus) (Domestic cat)
Fel d 1Uteroglobin (chain 1)38 kDaAirway05-02-20032019-08-17
Fel d 2Serum albumin69 kDaAirway05-02-20032019-08-16
Fel d 3Cystatin-A11 kDaAirway05-02-20032020-05-14
Fel d 4Lipocalin22 kDaAirway25-02-20062019-08-17
Fel d 5Immunoglobulin A400 kDaAirway25-02-20062019-08-16
Fel d 6Immunoglobulin M800-1000 kDaAirway25-02-20062020-05-14
Fel d 7lipocalin17.5 kDaAirway28-01-20102020-05-14
Fel d 8Latherin-like protein24 kDaAirway13-10-20102020-05-14
Melicertus latisulcatus (King prawn)
Mel l 1Tropomyosin38 kDaFood13-08-20142019-08-30
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Striped catfish)
Pan h 1Parvalbumin beta11 kDaFood30-05-20192021-01-11
Pan h 2beta-enolase50 kDaFood23/07/20192021-01-11
Pan h 3Aldolase A40 kDaFood21/9/20192021-06-18
Pan h 4Tropomyosin alpha35 kDaFood21/9/20192021-01-11
Pan h 7Creatine kinase43 KDaFood21/9/20192021-06-18
Pan h 8Triosephosphate isomerase25 kDa Food21/9/20192021-01-11
Pan h 9Pyruvate kinase PKM-like65 kDaFood22/9/20192021-01-11
Pan h 10L-lactate dehydrogenase34 kDaFood22/9/20192021-01-11
Pan h 11Glucose 6-phosphate isomerase60 kDaFood22/9/20192021-01-11
Pan h 13Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase36 kDa Food2019/11/042021-01-11
Polistes fuscatus (Wasp)
Pol f 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06