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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Apis cerana (Asiatic honey bee)
Api c 1Phospholipase A216 kDaInjection22-05-20032019-07-08
Apis dorsata (Giant honeybee)
Api d 1Phospholipase A216 kDaInjection22-05-20032019-07-08
Apis mellifera (Honey bee)
Api m 1Phospholipase A216 kDaInjection22-05-20032019-07-09
Api m 2Hyaluronidase44 kDaInjection22-05-20032019-07-09
Api m 3Acid phosphatase43 kDaInjection12-06-20032019-07-09
Api m 4Melittin3 kDaInjection27-05-20032019-07-09
Api m 5Dipeptidylpeptidase IV100 kDaInjection11-07-20082019-07-09
Api m 68 kDaInjection12-06-20032019-07-09
Api m 7CUB serine protease39 kDaInjection27-05-20032019-07-11
Api m 8Carboxylesterase70 kDaInjection11-07-20082019-07-09
Api m 9Serine carboxypeptidase60 kDaInjection26-05-20092019-07-09
Api m 10Icarapin variant 2, carbohydrate-rich protein50-55 kDaInjection07-12-20092019-07-09
Api m 11Major royal jelly protein 50 kDa (deglycosylated form)Injection20-07-20112019-07-11
Api m 12Vitellogenin200 kDaInjection27-02-20122024-04-08
Bombus pennsylvanicus (Bumble bee)
Bom p 1Phospholipase A216 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-07-18
Bom p 4Protease27 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-07-18
Bombus terrestris (Bumble bee)
Bom t 1Phospholipase A216 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-07-18
Bom t 4Protease27 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-07-18
Dolichovespula arenaria (Yellow hornet)
Dol a 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-15
Dolichovespula maculata (White face hornet)
Dol m 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-15
Dol m 2Hyaluronidase42 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-15
Dol m 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-15
Myrmecia pilosula (Australian jumper ant)
Myr p 17.5 kDa and 5.5 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-30
Myr p 2pilosulin-38.5 kDa and 2-4 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-08-30
Myr p 3pilosulin-4.18.2 kDaInjection08-02-20072019-09-04
Pachycondyla chinensis (Asian needle ant)
Pac c 3Antigen 523 kDaInjection02-11-20152020-03-23
Polistes annularis (Wasp)
Pol a 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Pol a 2Hyaluronidase38 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Pol a 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Polistes dominulus (Mediterranean paper wasp)
Pol d 1Phospholipase A134 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Pol d 2Hyaluronidase50 kDaInjection21-12-20172019-09-06
Pol d 3Dipeptidyl peptidase IV100 kDaInjection20-04-20172019-09-06
Pol d 4Serine protease33 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Pol d 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection31-05-20032019-09-06
Polistes exclamans (Wasp)
Pol e 1Phospholipase A134 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Pol e 4Serine protease33 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Pol e 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Polistes fuscatus (Wasp)
Pol f 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Polistes gallicus (Wasp)
Pol g 1Phospholipase A133.475 kDa by mass specInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Pol g 5Antigen 524 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Polistes metricus (Wasp)
Pol m 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Polybia paulista (Wasp)
Poly p 1Phospholipase A134 kDaInjection18-02-20072019-09-06
Poly p 2Hyaluronidase33 kDaInjection21-03-20172019-09-06
Poly p 5Venom group 521.19 kDaInjection23-11-20152019-09-06
Polybia scutellaris (Wasp)
Poly s 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Solenopsis geminata (Tropical fire ant)
Sol g 213 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-26
Sol g 324 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-26
Sol g 412 kDaInjection03-06-20032020-03-16
Solenopsis invicta (Red imported fire ant)
Sol i 1Phospholipase A1B18 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-26
Sol i 214 kDaInjection03-06-20032020-03-23
Sol i 326 kDaInjection03-06-20032020-03-23
Sol i 412 kDaInjection11-06-20032020-03-23
Solenopsis richteri (Black fire ant)
Sol r 213 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-26
Sol r 324 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-26
Solenopsis saevissima (Brazilian fire ant)
Sol s 213 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-26
Sol s 324 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-26
Vespa crabro (European hornet)
Vesp c 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vesp c 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespa magnifica (Hornet)
Vesp ma 2Hyaluronidase35 kDaInjection11-10-20162020-05-11
Vesp ma 5Antigen 5, member of PR-1 family25 kDaInjection11-10-20162020-05-11
Vespa mandarinia (Giant asian hornet)
Vesp m 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vesp m 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespa velutina (Asian hornet)
Vesp v 1Phospholipase A136.1 kDaInjection2020/03/242020-03-25
Vesp v 5Venom allergen 523 kDaInjection28-08-20192019-09-06
Vespula flavopilosa (Yellow jacket)
Ves f 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula germanica (Yellow jacket)
Ves g 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula maculifrons (Yellow jacket)
Ves m 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Ves m 2Hyaluronidase46 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Ves m 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula pensylvanica (Yellow jacket)
Ves p 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula squamosa (Yellow jacket)
Ves s 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Ves s 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection11-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula vidua (Wasp)
Ves vi 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection12-06-20032019-09-06
Vespula vulgaris (Yellow jacket)
Ves v 1Phospholipase A1B34 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Ves v 2Hyaluronidase38 kDaInjection12-06-20032019-09-06
Ves v 3Dipeptidylpeptidase IV100 kDaInjection11-07-20082019-09-06
Ves v 5Antigen 523 kDaInjection03-06-20032019-09-06
Ves v 6Vitellogenin200 kDaInjection27-02-20122024-04-08