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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Acacia farnesiana (Vachellia farnesiana) (Needle bush)
Aca f 1Ole e 1-like protein17 kDa Airway28-09-20152024-06-28
Aca f 2Profilin14.3 kDaAirway06-08-20142024-06-28
Arachis hypogaea (Peanut, groundnut)
Ara h 1Cupin (Vicillin-type, 7S globulin)64 kDaFood24-06-20032019-07-10
Ara h 2Conglutin (2S albumin)17 kDa Food27-10-20032020-05-14
Ara h 3Cupin (Legumin-type, 11S globulin, Glycinin)60 kDa, 37 kDa (fragment)Food24-06-20032019-07-10
Ara h 4renamed to Ara h 3.02, number not available for future submissionsFood24-06-20032012-05-04
Ara h 5Profilin15 kDaFood24-06-20032019-07-10
Ara h 6Conglutin (2S albumin)15 kDaFood24-06-20032019-07-10
Ara h 7Conglutin (2S albumin)15 kDaFood18-07-20082019-07-10
Ara h 8Pathogenesis-related protein, PR-10, Bet v 1 family member17 kDa Food25-04-20042019-07-10
Ara h 9Nonspecific lipid-transfer protein type 19.8 kDaFood30-10-20072019-07-11
Ara h 10oleosin16 kDaFood11-07-20082020-05-14
Ara h 11oleosin14 kDaFood11-07-20082020-05-14
Ara h 12Defensin8 kDa (reducing), 12 kDa (non-reducing), 5.184 kDa (mass)Food03-07-20122024-06-28
Ara h 13Defensin8 kDa (reducing), 11 kDa (non-reducing), 5.472 kDa (mass)Food03-07-20122024-06-28
Ara h 14Oleosin17.5 kDaFood27-03-20152020-05-14
Ara h 15Oleosin17 kDaFood27-03-20152020-05-14
Ara h 16Non-specific lipid transfer protein type 2; nsLTP-28.5 kDa by SDS PAGE reducingFood21-05-20152022-04-29
Ara h 17Non-specific lipid transfer protein type 1, nsLTP-111 kDa by SDS-PAGE reducingFood21-05-20152022-04-29
Ara h 18Cyclophilin, peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase21 kDaFood13/11/20202024-05-23
Cicer arietinum (Chickpea)
Cic a 1Late embryogenesis protein 442 kDaFood2020-02-25
Glycine max (Soybean)
Gly m 1Hydrophobic protein from soybean7 kDaAirway24-06-20032023-11-02
Gly m 2Defensin8 kDaAirway25-06-20032019-08-27
Gly m 3Profilin14 kDaFood25-06-20032019-08-27
Gly m 4Pathogenesis-related protein, PR-10, Bet v 1 family member17 kDa Food03-11-20062019-08-27
Gly m 5Beta-conglycinin (vicilin, 7S globulin)see subunitsFood19-08-20082019-08-27
Gly m 6Glycinin (legumin, 11S globulin)see subunitsFood19-08-20082019-08-27
Gly m 7Seed biotinylated protein76.2 kDaFood24-09-20122019-08-27
Gly m 82S albumin28 kDaFood19-11-20132019-08-27
Lens culinaris (Lentil)
Len c 1Gamma-vicilin subunit47 kDaFood26-06-20032019-08-29
Len c 2Seed-specific biotinylated protein66 kDaFood26-06-20032019-08-29
Len c 3Nonspecific lipid transfer protein type 19 kDaFood27-05-20102019-08-29
Lupinus albus (white lupine)
Lup a 5Profilin15 kDaFood29-01-20172021-02-03
Lupinus angustifolius (Narrow‑leaved blue lupin)
Lup an 1Conglutin beta (7S seed storage globulin, vicilin)55-61 kDaFood28-01-20082019-08-29
Lup an 3non-specific lipid transfer protein11 kDaFood2019/11/242021-02-03
Phaseolus vulgaris (Green bean, French bean)
Pha v 3non-specific lipid transfer protein type 18.8-9.0 kDaFood04-09-20092019-09-05
Pisum sativum (Pea)
Pis s 1Vicilin44 kDaFood03-11-20062019-09-05
Pis s 2Convicilin63 kDaFood03-11-20062019-09-05
Pis s 3nsLTP9.5 kDaFood06-05-20162024-07-09
Prosopis juliflora (Mesquite)
Pro j 1Ole e 1- like protein18 kDa Airway17-07-20152019-09-06
Pro j 2Profilin14.3 kDaAirway01-06-20142022-10-11
Vigna radiata (Mung bean)
Vig r 1Pathogenesis-related protein, PR-10, Bet v 1 family member16 kDaFood03-11-20062019-09-06
Vig r 28S Globulin (Vicilin)52 kDaFood03-05-20122019-09-06
Vig r 3Renamed to Vig r 2.0201; number not available for future submissions50 kDaFood11-10-20162019-09-06
Vig r 4Seed albumin30 kDaFood03-05-20122019-09-06
Vig r 5Identified as fragment of Vig r 2; number not available for future submissions18 kDaFood11-10-20162019-09-06
Vig r 6Cytokinin-specific binding protein (CSBP), Bet v 1 family member18 kDaFood03-05-20122024-07-09