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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Canis familiaris (C. lupus familiaris) (Domestic dog)
Can f 1Lipocalin23-25 kDaAirway05-02-20032020-05-13
Can f 2Lipocalin19 (27) kDaAirway05-02-20032020-05-13
Can f 3Serum albumin69 kDaAirway05-02-20032019-07-19
Can f 4Lipocalin16 kDa (non-red.), 18 kDa (red.)Airway25-04-20042020-05-14
Can f 5Arginine esterase, prostatic kallikrein28 kDaAirway03-12-20082020-05-14
Can f 6Lipocalin27 and 29 kDaAirway03-02-20112019-07-20
Can f 7Epididymal Secretory Protein E1, or Niemann Pick type C2 protein16 kDaAirway19-10-20152019-07-20
Can f 8Cystatin14 kDaAirway2019/12/052022-05-17
Felis domesticus (F. catus) (Domestic cat)
Fel d 1Uteroglobin (chain 1)38 kDaAirway05-02-20032019-08-17
Fel d 2Serum albumin69 kDaAirway05-02-20032019-08-16
Fel d 3Cystatin-A11 kDaAirway05-02-20032020-05-14
Fel d 4Lipocalin22 kDaAirway25-02-20062019-08-17
Fel d 5Immunoglobulin A400 kDaAirway25-02-20062019-08-16
Fel d 6Immunoglobulin M800-1000 kDaAirway25-02-20062020-05-14
Fel d 7lipocalin17.5 kDaAirway28-01-20102020-05-14
Fel d 8Latherin-like protein24 kDaAirway13-10-20102020-05-14