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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Periplaneta americana (American cockroach)
Per a 1Nitrile-specifier, microvilli-like protein with unknown function45 kDaAirway16-05-20032022-06-14
Per a 2aspartic protease-like and inactive aspartic protease-like42 kDaAirway21-07-20142020-03-24
Per a 3Arylphorins/TO Arthropod hemocyanins72 kDaAirway20-05-20032019-09-05
Per a 4Lipocalin, Calycin or fatty acid binding protein17 kDaAirway28/04/20212021-04-30
Per a 5Glutathione S-transferase23 kDaAirway31-10-20172020-03-24
Per a 6Troponin C17 kDa Airway25-02-20062019-09-05
Per a 7Tropomyosin33 kDaAirway20-05-20032019-09-05
Per a 8Myosin light chain28 kDa non-reducing; 22 kDa reducingAirway2021-04-30
Per a 9Arginine kinase43 kDaAirway08-02-20072019-09-05
Per a 10Serine protease28 kDaAirway08-02-20072019-09-05
Per a 11alpha-amylase55 kDaAirway02-06-20152020-03-24
Per a 12Chitinase45 kDaAirway02-06-20152020-03-24
Per a 13Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase36 kDaAirway12-10-20182022-07-07
Per a 14Enolase50 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 15Cytochrome C15 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 16Cofilin20 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 17Alpha-tubulin53 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 18Peptidyl-prolyl-cis-trans isomerase; Cyclophilin24 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 19Porin 37.4 kDaAirway2022/04/302023-04-03
Per a 20Peroxiredoxin-6 (Prx6)24 kDaAirway04/22/20222023-04-03