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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Anisakis simplex (Herring worm)
Ani s 2Paramyosin97 kDaFood13-05-20032019-07-03
Ani s 3Tropomyosin41 kDaFood13-05-20032019-07-03
Artemia franciscana (Brine shrimp)
Art fr 5Myosin, light chain 1~17.5 kDaFood23-01-20092019-07-11
Ascaris lumbricoides (Common roundworm)
Asc l 3Tropomyosin40 kDaFood30-11-20092019-07-11
Bos domesticus (Bos taurus) (Domestic cattle)
Bos d 13Myosin light chain21 kDaFood2020/3/252020-03-25
Charybdis feriatus (Crab)
Cha f 1Tropomyosin34 kDaFood19-06-20032019-07-30
Crangon crangon (North Sea shrimp)
Cra c 1Tropomyosin~38 kDaFood23-01-20092019-08-02
Cra c 5Myosin, light chain 1~17.5 kDaFood23-01-20092019-08-02
Crassostrea gigas (Pacific oyster)
Cra g 1tropomyosin38 kDaFood20-09-20172019-08-03
Exopalaemon modestus (White legged freshwater shrimp)
Exo m 1Tropomyosin38 kDaFood30-10-20182020-01-22
Gallus domesticus (G. gallus) (Chicken)
Gal d 7Myosin light chain 1f22 kDaFood13-05-20152019-08-27
Haliotis laevigata x Haliotis rubra (Jade tiger abaolone)
Hal l 1Tropomyosin33.4 kDaFood03-02-20172019-08-27
Helix aspersa (Brown garden snail)
Hel as 1Tropomyosin36 kDaFood08-08-20032019-08-27
Homarus americanus (American lobster)
Hom a 1Tropomyosin34 kDaFood24-06-20032019-08-27
Hom a 3Myosin light chain 2~23 kDaFood23-01-20092019-08-27
Litopenaeus vannamei (White shrimp)
Lit v 1Tropomyosin36 kDaFood31-01-20082019-08-29
Lit v 3Myosin, light chain 220 kDaFood25-03-20082019-08-29
Macrobrachium rosenbergii (giant freshwater prawn)
Mac r 1tropomyosin37 kDaFood10-09-20132019-08-29
Melicertus latisulcatus (King prawn)
Mel l 1Tropomyosin38 kDaFood13-08-20142019-08-30
Metapenaeus ensis (Shrimp)
Met e 1Tropomyosin34 kDaFood27-10-20032019-08-30
Oreochromis mossambicus (Mozambique tilapia)
Ore m 4Tropomyosin33 kDaFood30-07-20122019-09-05
Pandalus borealis (Northern shrimp)
Pan b 1Tropomyosin37 kDaFood21-03-20112019-09-05
Pangasianodon hypophthalmus (Striped catfish)
Pan h 4Tropomyosin alpha35 kDaFood21/9/20192021-01-11
Panulirus stimpsoni (Spiny lobster)
Pan s 1Tropomyosin34 kDaFood27-10-20032019-09-05
Penaeus aztecus (Brown shrimp)
Pen a 1Tropomyosin36 kDaFood27-10-20032019-09-05
Penaeus indicus (Shrimp)
Pen i 1Tropomyosin34 kDaFood30-10-20032019-09-05
Penaeus monodon (Black tiger shrimp)
Pen m 1tropomyosin38 kDaFood13-10-20062019-09-05
Pen m 3Myosin light chain 220 kDaFood14-09-20102019-09-05
Portunus pelagicus (Blue swimmer crab)
Por p 1Tropomyosin39 kDaFood21-12-20122019-09-06
Procambarus clarkii (Red swamp crayfish)
Pro c 1Tropomyosin36 kDaFood28-04-20182019-09-06
Pro c 5Myosin light chain 118 kDaFood28-04-20182019-09-06
Rapana venosa (Veined rapa whelk)
Rap v 2Paramyosin99 kDaFood2020/11/242020-11-24
Saccostrea glomerata (Sydney rock oyster)
Sac g 1Tropomyosin38 kDaFood20-09-20182019-09-07
Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)
Sal s 4Tropomyosin37 kDaFood25/11/20192021-01-11
Todarodes pacificus (Japanese flying squid)
Tod p 1Tropomyosin38 kDaFood03-07-20032019-09-26