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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Route of Allergen ExposureDate CreatedModified Date
Alternaria alternata (Alternaria plant rot fungus)
Alt a 116.4 kDa and 15.3 kDa band (30 kDa non-red)Airway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 3Heat shock protein 70Airway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 4Disulfide isomerase57 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 5Ribosomal protein P211 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 6Enolase45 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 7YCP4 protein22 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 8Mannitol dehydrogenase29 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 10Aldehyde dehydrogenase53 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 12Acid ribosomal protein P111 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 13Glutathione-S-transferase26 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-06-28
Alt a 14Manganese superoxide dismutase24 kDa (reducing)Airway22-07-20132019-06-28
Alt a 15Serine protease58 kDaAirway30-09-20142019-06-28
Aspergillus flavus (Cereal mold)
Asp fl 13Alkaline serine protease34 kDaAirway21-08-20032019-07-15
Aspergillus fumigatus (Common mold)
Asp f 1Mitogillin family18 kDaAirway21-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 237 kDaAirway21-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 3Peroxysomal protein19 kDaAirway21-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 430 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 5Metalloprotease40 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 6Mn superoxide dismutase26.5 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 712 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 8Ribosomal protein P211 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 934 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 10Aspartate protease34 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 11Peptidyl-prolyl isomerase24 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 12Heat shock protein P9090 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 13Alkaline serine protease34 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 1516 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 1643 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 1727 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-12
Asp f 18Vacuolar serine protease34 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 22Enolase46 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-11
Asp f 23L3 ribosomal protein44 kDaAirway26-02-20062019-07-12
Asp f 27Cyclophilin18 kDaAirway26-02-20062019-07-11
Asp f 28Thioredoxin13 kDaAirway26-02-20062019-07-12
Asp f 29Thioredoxin13 kDaAirway26-02-20062019-07-12
Asp f 34PhiA cell wall protein20 kDaAirway05-06-20072019-07-11
Aspergillus niger (Black mold)
Asp n 14Beta-xylosidase105 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-15
Asp n 18Vacuolar serine protease34 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-15
Asp n 253-phytase B66-100 kDaAirway26-02-20062019-07-15
Aspergillus oryzae (Rice mold)
Asp o 13Alkaline serine protease34 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-15
Asp o 21TAKA-amylase A53 kDaAirway26-08-20032019-07-15
Aspergillus versicolor
Asp v 13Extracellular alkaline serine protease43 kDaAirway07-04-20112019-07-16
Candida albicans (Common yeast)
Cand a 1Alcohol dehydrogenase40 kDaAirway01-09-20032019-07-20
Cand a 3Peroxysomal protein20 kDaAirway28-10-20032019-07-20
Candida boidinii (Yeast)
Cand b 2Peroxisomal membrane protein A20 kDaAirway01-09-20032019-07-20
Cladosporium cladosporioides
Cla c 9Vacuolar serine protease36 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla c 14Transaldolase36.5 kDaAirway29-07-20102019-07-31
Cladosporium herbarum (Fungus of plants)
Cla h 223 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-08-01
Cla h 5Acid ribosomal protein P211 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 6Enolase46 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 7YCP4 protein22 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 8Mannitol dehydrogenase28 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 9Vacuolar serine protease45 kDa on SDS-PAGEAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 10Aldehyde dehydrogenase53 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Cla h 12Acid ribosomal protein P111 kDaAirway28-09-20092019-07-31
Curvularia lunata (Cochliobolus lunatus)
Cur l 1Serine protease31 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-08-09
Cur l 2Enolase48 kdaAirway25-09-20092019-08-09
Cur l 3Cytochrome c12 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-08-09
Cur l 4Vacuolar serine protease54 kDaAirway09-02-20102019-08-09
Epicoccum purpurascens (Soil fungus)
Epi p 1Serine protease30 kDaAirway25-09-20092019-08-15
Fusarium culmorum
Fus c 1Ribosomal protein P211 kDaAirway31-08-20032019-08-17
Fus c 2Thioredoxin-like protein13 kDaAirway31-08-20032019-08-17
Fusarium proliferatum
Fus p 4Transaldolase37.5 kDaAirway09-01-20142019-08-17
Fus p 9Vacuolar serine protease36.5 kDaAirway24-07-20142019-08-17
Penicillium brevicompactum
Pen b 13Alkaline serine protease33Unknown26-08-20032010-04-29
Pen b 26Acidic ribosomal prot. P111UnknownFeb 26 2002012-02-27
Penicillium chrysogenum
Pen ch 13Alkaline serine protease34Unknown26-08-20032010-04-29
Pen ch 18Vacuolar serine protease32Unknown26-08-20032010-04-29
Pen ch 20N-acetyl-glucosaminidase68Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen ch 31CalreticulinUnknownFeb 8 20072010-04-29
Pen ch 3316UnknownFeb 18 2002010-04-29
Pen ch 35Transaldolase36.5Unknown2016-10-11
Penicillium citrinum
Pen c 3Peroxysomal membrane protein18Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 13Alkaline serine protease33Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 19Heat shock protein P7070Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 22Enolase46Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 24elongation factor 1 betaUnknownFeb 26 2002010-04-29
Pen c 30Catalase97UnknownFeb 8 20072010-04-29
Pen c 32Pectate lyase40UnknownFeb 18 2002010-04-29
Penicillium crustosum
Pen cr 2660S acidic ribosomal phosphoprotein P111 kDaUnknown2016-10-11
Penicillium oxalicum
Pen o 18Vacuolar serine protease34Unknown31-08-20032010-04-29
Stachybotrys chartarum (Black mold)
Sta c 3Extracellular alkaline Mg-dependent exodesoxyribonuclease21 kDa (Glycosylated monomer)Unknown2016-10-11
Trichophyton rubrum (Athlete's foot fungus)
Tri r 2Putative secreted alkaline protease Alp1Contact31-08-20032019-01-01
Tri r 4Serine proteaseContact31-08-20032019-01-01
Trichophyton tonsurans (Ringworm fungus)
Tri t 130Unknown01-09-20032019-01-01
Tri t 4Serine protease83Contact01-09-20032019-01-01
Ulocladium chartarum (Alternaria chartarum) (Black mold)
Ulo c 1Alt a 1 homologue17 kDaAirway2018-11-02