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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Food AllergenEntry DateModified Date
Penicillium citrinum (Penicillin)
Pen c 3Peroxysomal membrane protein18No31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 13Alkaline serine protease33No31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 19Heat shock protein P7070No31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 22Enolase46No31-08-20032010-04-29
Pen c 24elongation factor 1 betaNoFeb 26 2002010-04-29
Pen c 30Catalase97NoFeb 8 20072010-04-29
Pen c 32Pectate lyase40NoFeb 18 2002010-04-29