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SpeciesAllergenBiochemical nameMW(SDS-PAGE)Food AllergenEntry DateModified Date
Arachis hypogaea (Peanut, groundnut)
Ara h 1Cupin (Vicillin-type, 7S globulin)64Yes24-06-20032010-04-29
Ara h 2Conglutin (2S albumin)17Yes27-10-20032010-04-29
Ara h 3Cupin (Legumin-type, 11S globulin, Glycinin)60, 37 (fragment)Yes24-06-20032012-05-04
Ara h 4renamed to Ara h 3.02, number not available for future submissionsYes24-06-20032012-05-04
Ara h 5Profilin15Yes24-06-20032010-04-29
Ara h 6Conglutin (2S albumin)15Yes24-06-20032010-04-29
Ara h 7Conglutin (2S albumin)15Yes24-06-20032010-04-29
Ara h 8Pathogenesis-related protein, PR-10, Bet v 1 family member17Yes25-04-20042013-06-04
Ara h 9Nonspecific lipid-transfer protein type 19.8YesOct 30 2002015-02-05
Ara h 1016 kDa oleosin16 kDaYesJul 11 2002016-01-05
Ara h 1114 kDa oleosin14 kDaYesJul 11 2002010-04-29
Ara h 12Defensin8 kDa (reducing), 12 kDa (non-reducing), 5.184 kDa (mass)Yes2016-10-11
Ara h 13Defensin8 kDa (reducing), 11 kDa (non-reducing), 5.472 kDa (mass)Yes2016-10-11
Ara h 14Oleosin17.5 kDaYes2016-10-11
Ara h 15Oleosin17 kDaYes2016-10-11
Ara h 16non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein 28.5 by SDS PAGE reducingYes2016-10-11
Ara h 17non-specific Lipid Transfer Protein 111 kDa by SDS-PAGE reducingYes2016-10-11